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We are just 3 months away from our first hosted competition for Garage Games! If you haven’t seen a competition yet, this will be a great one to come and support our fellow crossfitters at Kinetic Sports Elite…chances are that you know somebody who has a child in this program!

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Our November Client of the Month is Becki Mason Miller !!! 1. Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, sports, military, interests, etc): Hi! My name is Becki Miller. I grew up in Dunwoody, GA and went to St. Pius X Catholic High School. I attended THE Ohio State University for undergrad and went to LSU in New Orleans for graduate school. I am a nurse anesthetist at St. Joseph’s Hospital. I am married to my great husband Aaron and I have four awesome kids: Mason (5), Mackenzie (2), Hudson (2), and Austin (2). We also have a Golden Retriever named Cooper. We recently moved to Johns Creek and love our new home there. I have always loved playing and watching pretty much every sport. I enjoy doing CrossFit, playing tennis and softball, and competing in triathlons. I also love watching Buckeye football, traveling, hanging out my my kids, and drinking wine and craft beers (sorry Dave!). 2. When did you start doing CrossFit? August 2015 3. What’s your favorite WOD? Murph 4. What’s your least favorite WOD? Isabel 5. What’s your favorite lift? Back Squat 6. What’s your least favorite lift? Snatch 7. What were you doing before CrossFit? Chasing children around and competing in Triathlons 8. What were your goals when joining CrossFit? To add more variety to my workouts, increase core strength, and push myself to the limits. I was getting really bored with the same old long boring workouts everyday. I love how CrossFit is different every day! 9. Have you achieved those goals? Absolutely. 10.Has CrossFit affected your life outside the Gym? It has provided me with more time with my family. I love how I can get an amazing workout done in just an hour vs training for hours for triathlons. I also have become more cognizant of my nutrition and how important that is to being truly fit. It is also really fun to share CrossFit stories with other CrossFitters. It’s like a secret club 😉 I’ve met a lot of great people by joining CFP. 11. Do you have any special memories/achievements during your time here? When I somehow squeaked 6 of the ugliest muscle ups ever seen by mankind into the Open workout. Thanks to the amazing CrossFit coaches and and other athletes for talking me through it. 12.What advice would you give to a newbie just joining CFP? Hang in there. The first few weeks can be brutal, but you will be amazed how quickly you will improve. CrossFit is extremely rewarding, yet humbling. I love how there is always something that you can improve on and someone who can do it better and faster than you. 13. Something you might not know about me is: I have triplets (and an awesome big brother to triplets) 14. What is your WOM? 1000 meter row BUY IN Bear Complex – 7 unbroken sets – 5 ROUNDS (115/85—RX+; 95/65—RX) 1 power clean 1 front squat 1 push press 1 back squat 1 push press Complete 10 pull ups and 20 sit ups between each round **The bar only touches the ground after each round (except for TNG power cleans) 1 mile run CASH OUT

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Best EX and RX scores from Tuesday: EX Robb B 15:01 E David Song 15:53 E Tracey W 16:11 E Matt J 16:58 E John U 17:06 E Becky N 17:39 E Damian C 18:01 E Michael Maurice 18:15 E Yosse 18:23 E Bill C 18:34 E Jeremy C 19:26 E Tony C 19:53 E Rich B 21:27 E RX Steven S 12:39 RX Becki M 12:53 RX Adam G 13:53 RX Dave Flynn 14:39 RX Andrew S 14:57 RX Jeff Bolle 15:11 RX Jen M 15:15 RX Ryan C 15:17 RX Jeff Black 15:49 RX Augustine C 16:18 RX Adam P 16:33 RX Travis H 16:35 RX Melanie W 17:17 RX Monica D 17:26 RX Stewart S 17:36 RX Leo O 17:45 RX Adolph C 17:46 RX Ken T 17:50 RX Mike Malenke 18:20 RX Michael B 18:24 RX Seth G 18:37 RX Andy H 19:03 RX Lindsey W 20:39 RX Amit K 21:06 RX WOD: For Time: 9-15-21 (One Bar) KBS (EX: 70/55, RX: 55/45) Back Squats (EX: 135/95, RX: 95/65 Deadlifts (EX: 225/145, RX: 165/115) Cal Row

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Thursday scores Ex: Patrick Z 9.07 Jeremy C 9.03 Michael M 8.09 David Song 8.08 Brandie M 8.00 John M 7.10 Tony C 7.10 Doug C 7.7 Bill C 7.07 Kile K 6.02 Aaron M 5.11 Rx Michelle Wise 10.11 Eileen G 9.06 Monica D 9.04 Tommy Tillman 8.17 Becky N 8.12 Alan D 8.03 Phil L 8.01 Amy L 8.0 Evan G 7.17 Andy H 7.15 Tony H 7.14 John C 7.11 Lauren Z 7.07 Yvette 7.05 Leo 7.03 Adam G 7.0 Ryan C 7.0 Andrew S 6.18 Andy S 6.14 Julie S 6.09 Deanna P 6.06 Erin P 6.05 Watson 6.01 Ken t 5.17 Craig Wise 5.13 Dan S 4.17 Pamela C 4.14 15:00 amrap 7 deadlifts (ex185/135)(rx 165/95) 7 burpees 7 box jumps (24/20) Asp 400m run

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Best EX and Rx Scores from Tuesday: EX: Blake T 14:00 E Michael K 15:28 E Matt J (135#/ctb) 16:17 E David Song 16:22 E Malia M(ctb) 17:04 E Michael M 19:37 E Brannan S 21:40 E Tony Cox 27:54 E RX: Devin P 13:44 Rx Lizzy S 15:11 Rx Adolph C 16:13 Rx Todd P 16:30 Rx Lee E 17:07 Rx John C 19:40 Rx Bill C 21:26 Rx Witt C 22:30 RX Andy H 23:10 RX Craig W 23:19 Rx Will N 24:00 Rx Deanna P 24:10 RX Monica D 25:40 Rx Adam P 28:45 Rx Leo O 36:00 Rx WOD: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Thrusters (EX: 115/85, RX: 95/65) Pullups 20 Du’s after each round

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Top scores from today’s wod (CF Open 11.2) Cris R 11.24 Lee E 11.00 Rob B 10.34 Robby O 10.24 Michael K 10.21 Steven S 9.09 Wendy G 9.05 Adam P 8.27 Jim W 8.25 Bill C 8.21 Eileen G 8.18 Amy L 8.16 Theresa 8.13 Jen M 8.12 Michael M 7.18 Tony C 7.16 Julia S 7.15 Deanna 7.13 Chris D 7.09 Maurese 7.09 Amit 7.08 Chris C 7.07 Adam M 7.04 Elina B 7.03 Emily M 7.00 Alan D 6.31 Kevin S 6.31 Bill M 6.26 Larren O 6.23 Lauren L 6.16 Lindsey W 6.06 Aaron M 6.06 Michael Moebs 6.05 Kati B 6.04 David Song 6.02 Pryia 5.34 Craig W 5.32 Adam G 5.31 Matt B 5.21 Ken T 5.05 Kile K 5.0 15:00 amrap 9 deadlifts 165/100 12 push-ups 15 box jumps 24/20

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Thanks to everyone who came out to row the marathon! We’ll do it again next Thanksgiving weekend Finishing scores were: Gus 3 hours 28 min 33sec Bret 3 hours 32 min 51sec Cris R 3 hours 34 min 55 sec Chris Foy 4 hours 34 min 58 sec Honorable mention to Kile K who had to stop with 12k left

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Scores from Tuesday 11/24 Ex: Brannan 228 Cris R 202 Max H 188 Austin C 186 John U 160 Matt J 156 Chris D 150 Tony C 130 Chris C 120 Shannon S 103 Julia S 96 RX: Rob B 184 Damian 174 Becki M 166 Adam P 154 Heather A 152 Stewart S 145 Matt B 145 Michelle W 134 Ken T 128 Craig W 127 Bill D 127 Monica D 122 Becky N 122 (with childcare bonus) Andy S 121 Will P 116 Andy H 114 Melanie W 112 Lauren Z 104 Natalie 101 Theresa 96 Eda 96 Seth G 67

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The 7:30 class found out today is Amit’s 30th birthday and asked to do the Dirty 30 for him. Happy birthday buddy! Hopefully Sumanth gets makes you a Progenex birthday cake! #CFPCommunity

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Thanksgiving Week Hours: Monday and Tuesday: No Changes Wednesday: AM: No Changes PM: 3:30P and 4:30P only Thursday: 8:30AM – Must RSVP 9:30 AM – Must RSVP Friday: AM: 7:30A, 8:30A, 9:30A only PM: No sessions Saturday and Sunday: No changes

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